Wednesday, December 21, 2005

More Integrated Updates for VFE

I just posted another set of integrated updates for VFE. There are a couple of things to note here.

1st, the cUtils class library was inadvertently included in the last set of integrated updates. A change to cGlobalHook that was not ready for primetime snuck in with that set. An updated version of cUtils that is ready for primetime is included in this set.

The work we've been doing on the Global Hook class has been in the enabled_assign_hook. Basically, what we've done with it is dumbed it down. It used to have a lot of code in it to deal with specific control classes and that code has now been moved to those specific classes. Please let us know on the forums if you notice any negative behavior with how controls are enabled or disabled in your applications. This should also correct bug #225D3CDB44CD41A4 which was the problem introduced by the inadvertent update we posted on 12/16/2005.

Included in this set of upgrades is also the fix for bug # 9FC33BA57BCD4FB4. The fix for this bug is in the vfewiz60 class library located in the wizards\libs\ directory beneath VFE. This is the first time we've put out integrated updates that change the wizard class libraries so be careful if you've made changes to any of these.

Toni also made a couple of enhancements that one of our consulting clients needed. She'll post more on these some time soon. In the meantime, I believe all of the the changes are in cBizObj and cCursor if you want to poke around yourself and have a look.


At 12/22/2005 10:35 AM, Blogger Randy Jean said...

Hi Mike,
I just did a quick run through with these updates and all looks good so far. I'll keep monitoring the forums. FYI, my vfewiz60 class did not get updated automatically but I was able to force it to download by selecting it in the list.


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