Friday, December 16, 2005

More Integrated Updates Released for VFE

Last night just before I hit the sack we put out a handful of updates to VFE. These updates are only available through VFE's Integrated Updates feature.

Here's a list of the bugs that were fixed since the last time integrated updates were released:

CEDFA65F5FDD4D84 cCursor Property lRepairWithSDT missing
B3E6DBDA498D459E ComboBox Quick Fill feature broke after VFE 2005 applied.
4406153DFC184E8E cTreeView SelectNextNode nit
FE75760809EF459E cSession Init nit
2A8DDF4217F94881 cPresentObjForm.Hide nits
3E36201022F54283 cBizObj Delete_Perform problem
FB7FE8B56AA248B9 Tools/Filter is broken

Most of the changes addressed some minor bugs that had been reported. I've got several other changes that I'm still beating up on in-house a little bit before posting, so stay tuned.


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