Friday, December 09, 2005

Visual FoxPro is a mover and a shaker

TIOBE Software - The Coding Standards Company

Somebody just posted a link to this article on the Wiki and I thought it'd be interesting to check it out.

The methods they use are a bit suspect, but it's still interesting nonetheless. Two things really stood out. First VFP made the most significant gains in popularity of all programming languages - moving from #51 to #20. That rocks!

The other thing that really stood out was the top 6. Java was is number one. C and C++ are 2 & 3. Combined that would make C number 1.

I was nice to see PHP at number 4. I knew it was popular, but not that popular. I have been leaning heavily towards getting into PHP when I consider developing skills in another language. There are a lot of things I like about it verses .NET and according to these rankings, it's more than twice as popular as VB.NET and C# combined.

VB at number 5 is no surprise. Perl at number 6 is. Again, I knew it was popular, but not that popular.

Anyway, this is good news for VFP. This and the FoxPro Not An Endangered Species article give VFP some long overdue respect and recognition.


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