Saturday, March 04, 2006

Integrated Upates Posted for VFE

Yesterday we posted another set of integrated updates for VFE. The following describes what class libraries were changed and what the changes were. Thanks to Steve Derzi and Troy Neville for finding a few of the issues we've addressed with this update and testing the changes.

Class Library: cVFEMgr


Changes were made to several methods to eliminate potential runtime errors if the iId fields get out of sync between VFEMeta and Coremeta.
Changes were made to force the iIds to remain in sync between VFEMeta and Codemeta for index records. Occassionally the ids were not updated in VFE which caused a runtime error in cCursor.CreateIndexes()

Class Library: cUtils.


Some previously commented out code was deleted.

Class Library: cToolbar

The refresh method was changed so that controls within the toolbar were not always automatically enabeld when the toolbar was refreshed. This change was necessary to enable proper disabling of toolbars not associated with a modal form when the form is open.

Class Library: cSecure


The PopulateGroupsMethod was changed to make use of the groups cursor directly. In the 1/13/06 build we modified security so that all of the presentation objects are loaded using delayed instantiation. This change made it possible to load a different presentation object from the i-layer if desired. This change caused the groups cursor to not open until the groups page has been activated.
We also changed the UIEnable method of the cboGroup_Id combobox to automatically requery when the page is activated. This ensures it reflects all currently available groups.

An instance of the cGroupsCursor class was added to this data environment to ensure that the groups cursor is available when necessary.

Class Library: cOle


The class was created to allow selecting the view in an associated ListView control.

The OnRowChange_Perform method was modified to check for pending changes in a data entry cursor and act accordingly.
The SetItem method was modified to append an _ to the begining of the key before searching, which makes it function properly.

Class Library: cContrls

The modifications made to cLabel were made to support a new feature: Linked Forms. I'll write up a separate entry about linked forms in the near future.

The OnRowChange_Perform method was refactored based on some conversation in the forums.
A new method, GetCursorForGrid was added that returns an object reference to the cursor object associated with the grid.
In the BeforeRowColChange method we sdded code to prompt the user to save when a data entry and list cursor business object is in use with the grid and there are changes pending in the data entry cursor.

Class Library: cCustFrm
A couple of minor nits not worth going into detail over were addressed in this class library.

Class Library: cData

Support was added for fields in local VFP tables to the CheckUnique method.

Corrected an issue with the Auto Foreign Key (lFKParam) property in value_access.

Added a few checks to ensure that all of the necessary property values retrieved from DBCX are present before trying to create an index.

Class Library: cDataTree

Changed the LoadBizObj method to better take advantage of business objects that have already been instantiated.

Class Library: cForms

Added code to enable/disable the main toolbar in the activate method based on the modality of the form.

Added code to only refresh the main toolbar when it is enabled.


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