Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Good, The Bad, and The Code

The good:

Most of you don't know the history, but I am so excited by the latest news that I have to blog about it. Last March my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer. Yes, she was a smoker but has not smoked in close to 20 years. Of course we were all very nervous. She went through chemo and radiation and finished up at the end of 2005. She received MRI results last week telling her that her tumors were gone! Wow are we relieved.

The bad:

Well, I will not be participating in the half time show at the big game on Sunday after all. As it turns out, there was some confusion and our group leader did not get all of the paperwork in on time and we were cut. Oh well. I can sit in an easy chair and watch the game like the rest of the world. It will be just as fun and I don't have to break our family tradition of "junk food day."

The code sample:

The following code sample is really simple. There are many simple things that we could do to improve our development environment that we don't because we don't want to take the time. Well, I took the 5 minutes needed to put this together and I hope that somone else will find it useful.

Not long ago, Rick Schummer posted some tips on the Class Browser. After reading the entry, I was compelled to start using the class browser more. All of my attempts seemed clumsy. I was either stumbling on typing the library name (DO (_browser) WITH ....) or fumbling around trying to find the library when I used the Open button. So, I wrote this very little program to help me. The Class Browser feels so much better to me now.

    lcVCX AS Character

lcVCX = GETFILE('VCX', 'Select Class Library')


I load this program in my Task Pane Enviroment Post Scripts using:

    DO c:\development\devtools\LoadClassInBrowser



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