Thursday, September 20, 2007

Little Tidbits

I recently starting working with a great group of guys at a local company. I am not so sure that I like actually having to get dressed every day but I do like the work and the people which make it worthwhile.

The team that I am working with have worked with Fox a long time, two of them go back to our days at Fox Software. The business has grown rapidly over the last few years and the IT department has felt the pain. One of the reasons I was brought in on this project was to help get things on a smoother path. I think we are gettting there. It is so rewarding to see processes implemented and work in a way that takes the pressure down a notch or two.

Anyway, the reason for this blog entry is to talk about two tips that I learned from my new team.

1. How many places in your application do you have the following code?
IF USED("SomeAlias")
USE IN SomeAlias

Well, it can be replaced with:
USE IN SELECT("SomeAlias") 

This code works without error if the cursor is opened or not. Thank you Travis!

2. Did you know that anytime a Windows MessageBox is open, you can press CTRL+C and paste plain text into a text file? No need to use Shift+PrintScreen and deal with the image. Try it out... Thanks Brad.

Have a wonderful weekend!


At 2/18/2008 1:15 PM, Blogger Andrew MacNeill said...

I was inspired more by Travis' USE IN SELECT statement that I tried it one step further...

Instead of


You can also say


This has two effects:
1. If the table is open in another area, it will retain that area and keep the file open but reset any orders, etc.

2. If the table is not open, it will open it just as if you had done as SELECT 0, USE CLIENT (blah blah blah)

A huge line count reducer!


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